Water Treatment


In the field of water treatment CMD is in a position to intervene at various levels :

Lifting screw

Lifting of raw effluent for preliminary treatment by the means of worm shafts (diameter 1m) with a speed of 1 rpm. Drive is produced with a motor and a parallel train reduction gear of the ERMASTER type.



CMD offers a range of vertical reduction gears designed especially to drive powerful pumps. The reduction gear supports the motor.





Sedimentation tanks


Gear motor with vertical slow speed shaft with waterproofing ensured on the PV output through an internal skirt.

Range of devices with torque ranging from 20 000 Nm to 1 000 000 Nm and more.

Extremely high reduction ratio i = 10000/1, … 30000/1,… etc.

Output rotation speed 0.1 rpm.

The slow speed grooved shaft slides in the PV shaft of the reduction gear in order to adjust the height of the scraper in terms of the bottom of the tank and the product.


Electronic torque control ensures the following functions :

The position of the slow speed shaft is servo-assisted with a motorised actuator for lifting with an axial capacity of 5 to 100 tons, fitted with electrical and mechanical end of travel sensors and a system for viewing the position of the scraper in terms of the bottom of the tank.




Household waste incineration plants



Range of gear motors type 315C-125UXCB2403

Driving rollers for household waste incineration furnaces, with a capacity of 7 tonnes per hour, working 7 days a week and 365 days a year.

Power 1.5 kW at 1500 rpm. The drive system is fitted with a variable speed unit and an incremental encoder so that the speed of each roller can be controlled and driven separately.


The reduction gear is designed to have a high reduction ratio 27 644 for an output speed of 0.003 to 0.1 rpm (giving 0.2 to 0.6 revolutions per hour), maximum output torque 36 000 Nm.

Complementary functions are ensured by :