Long Travel

In our DURAND plant, CMD has developed a range of worm reduction gears specifically tailored to driving driving-wheels for cranes and dock equipment  …

High capacity dynamically reversible reduction gears fitted with a hollow shaft and flanged gear brake motor.



CMD has developed a range of reduction gears tailored to driving conveyors, loaders, and the plant and equipment used in Cement Plants, Mines, Quarries and for Public Works.

For this application CMD can propose a solution with reduction gears of the ERMASTER type with parallel trains or a bevel gear with a hollow shaft.

Integrated ancillary equipment:



Drive units for winch barrels, overhead cranes, gantry cranes, dock cranes and others – with reduction gears providing great reliability and fitted with steel casings.



Drive units for cable cars :

Orelle – Francoz Plan Bouchet – Val Thorens



Duplication of the main drive system.

Reliability of drive systems for:





Features of the transmission :