Tightening mill housing


Adjustment of the spacing between the 2 cylinders of the mill housing is ensured through screw/nut systems in which the screws swivel under torque in :

Worm and wheel reducers used for tightening rolling mill housing have the following features :

Synchronisation of reduction gears is ensured by the means of one drive only and a clutch system to adjust parallelism of cylinders.


Robustness and design of the casing must be compatible with the high torque that is transmitted at the moment of release and with axial efforts generated on the hub of the slow speed shaft by the action of the tightening screw under load.




 Rolling Mills

Robustness and a high service factor are essential for rolling mill reduction gears. laminoir_rectification CMD’s high performance equipment makes it possible to grind teeth that have beencase hardened and tempered.

A range of couplings has been specially designed to couple reduction gears and rolling mills.

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Rolling Mill

All kinds of drive:







Steel: AOD, LD, OLP, LD.AC






Sintering plants

chaine_aggloBOGIFLEX and HAFLEX systems have been selected by the world’s leading manufacturers for their operational flexibility and reliability.
Main motion:





Ladle Trucks