Key dates

Company background : Six key dates



The company has a strong international reputation that is founded on the following issues:






2005:  CMD join the GROUPE CIF. This group holds the companies FERRY CAPITAIN, FAD and ATELIERS ROCHE too.



1991: CITROËN-MESSIAN-DURAND belonging to PSA group, was taken over by the French group DYNACTION-MECADYNE.



1977: CITROEN-MESSIAN took over the company DURAND.



1962 : CITROËN took over the company MESSIAN.



1922: The company DURAND was created in NEVERS, specialised in worm reduction gears and associated products.



1920: Robert MESSIAN created the company MESSIAN in CAMBRAI.



1901: André CITROEN created the company ENGRENAGES CITROËN (CITROËN GEARS) in PARIS.